new legislation proposes full chiropractic care on medicare


The bill has the ability to reduce costs for many conditions that chiropractors address with their senior patients. It will also mean less out-of-pocket expense for those already pinched with a fixed income. In addition, it will delete the need to have numerous physicians visits to perform services that can be done by your chiropractor.   

The bill would fully recognize chiropractors as "physicians" in the Medicare program, acknowledging their level of education as well as the level of care they provide, and bringing coverage of their services in line with how other physicians in the Medicare program are treated. Chiropractors are the only phyisician-level providers in Medicare whose services are restricted by statute.

Now that H.R. 3654 has been introduced, Medicare patients and chiropractors, as well as families and friends of seniors, need to express the importance of this legislation to lawmakers. Chiropractic Economics online legislative action center enables each of us to send a message of support to our elected officials in the U.S. House.  Click Here to Support H.R. 3654